Property Investment

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We are always on the lookout for properties to add to our portfolio. At the moment, we are focussing on the North, East and West Yorkshire areas, specifically; Selby, Goole, Pontefract, Castleford, Hull and areas close by. 

If you have a property you are thinking of selling in these areas, we would love to speak with you and see how we can help.

Likewise, if you know anyone who may be thinking of selling, we offer a finder’s fee on properties we successfully purchase, so don’t hesitate to mention us to anyone who may be thinking of selling! 

No Estate Agents


You may be wondering what the benefit of coming directly to us is, rather than using an estate agent.

Choosing to sell to us means that you essentially cut out the middle man and the fees that come with them! 

You will receive honest, friendly and fast service and we will always be discreet in our dealings with you. 


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We use the best, most highly rated letting agents manage our properties and ensure that any maintenance issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently, we want our tenants to love where they live!

So, if you would like to live in the most comfortable and stylish homes in one of the areas listed above, safe in the knowledge that your landlord cares about you, contact us today!